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Achievement Journal


If you have ever felt as though you were created for “something more”, but just didn’t know where to start, this is the journal for you.

It’s actually much more than a journal! It is a step-by-step process of achieving your goals and making your wants, hopes, and desires come true. It gives you ways to make your life work as well as a proven technique for setting and achieving goals in the eight major areas of your life:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Financial
  • Health
  • Spiritual
  • Education
  • Community Involvement
  • Recreation

In addition to a place for daily writing, there is a measurement tool for you to stay aware of how you are doing in each of those areas of your life.

And you might know, Judi has included 2 pages of peel and stick gold stars in order for you to easily reward yourself.