Cindi Schum
Cindie Schum - Permanent makeup artist & teacher

“”My income increased $20,000 last year after I received coaching from Aimmee. What an inspiring and methodical instructor Aimmee is… I am so looking forward to another successful year. Because of her guidance and the ongoing success in my business and personal life, I follow everything Aimmee teaches.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to improve their life or business, to check out what Aimmee has to offer!”


Miro Marwan
Miro Merhi ~ Entrepreneur

“I thought by having a solid understanding of the fundamentals of life that I had exactly what I needed to achieve success in life. Aimmee quickly showed me that having a solid foundation is only part of achieving one’s greatness. She walks us through each of our preconceived notions that are blocking us from moving forward, then shows us how to retrain our mind with the correct mindset to approach each hurdle, slowly transforming the way our minds overcome prior mind blocks, which now have become smaller obstacles we can overcome.

Thanks to Aimmee for showing me how to transform my approach to handling different situations. In a magical way, she makes sense of situations of how the human mind works and gives us a way to work around these blocks we commonly come across. The knowledge I learned from this course is priceless! Thank you, Aimmee Kodachian.”




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